what is steel formwork in construction

Dec 11, 2023

      Metal steel formwork is a temporary structure that we usually see in construction projects. Steel formwork is widely used in modern construction and is an important part of building projects.


I: What are the types of steel formwork?


1. Traditional Steel Mould Formwork

      The most widely used formwork in construction projects, traditional concrete column steel formwork consists of individual steel plates with edges reinforced with the help of small angles. There are usually two types of steel plates: flat plates and semi-circular plates. The steel plates are combined to form moulds for pouring concrete, flat plates for rectangular columns and semi-circular plates for cylindrical columns. Steel formwork can be used for dams, bridges, storage tanks, chimneys, sewer tunnels and other large-scale projects that require extra-strong structures.


2. Steel plywood formwork

      Steel plywood formwork is slightly different from traditional steel formwork, it is a steel formwork system which is a combination of steel frames and plywood, compared with traditional steel formwork, concrete steel plywood formwork is lighter because it is just a frame while traditional steel formwork is complete. Therefore, steel plywood formwork is more cost-effective.



II: What are the advantages of steel formwork?


1. Steel formwork is strong, due to its high strength, steel formwork can be used in extreme environments and harsh weather conditions. Steel formwork is usually made of Q235 or higher grade materials, so it has good anti-corrosion properties, which also protects the safety of workers.

2. As we all know, steel is a product that can be recycled and reused, so steel formwork is a sustainable building material. Nowadays, the world is responding to the sustainable development, so steel formwork is favoured by more and more builders.


III: Installation Process

AJ Building provides professional steel formwork installation guide to help you and your workers install steel formwork quickly and safely.


IV: AJ Building's advice on steel formwork maintenance


      Construction workers need to regularly inspect and maintain steel formwork and avoid using defective steel formwork to ensure the safety of construction workers. In addition, the dismantled steel formwork needs to be cleaned and stored in a dry place, so as to reduce the possibility of corrosion of steel formwork, which can effectively improve the reusability of steel formwork and, on the other hand, save the cost.


VI: Why choose AJ Building as concrete metal formwork supplier?


1. AJ Building has been deeply involved in the construction field for many years

We have over 24 years of construction experience and have exported our products to over 160 countries. Our team understands the complexities of construction projects and serves more than 100,000 builder customers, providing you with expert guidance and support.


2. We offer a wide range of customised solutions

In addition to basic customisation such as colours, sizes and logos, we offer in-depth customisation. We can provide you with exclusive customised solutions based on your project size, site environment and other factors.


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