Oem Construction Powder Coated Heavy Duty Scaffolding Steel Props

AJ Building is a well-known adjustable steel prop system manufacturer in China, providing you with wholesale telescopic steel prop and accessories. And we provide customization of size, finish, color, etc. to meet your engineering needs.

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Wholesale Adjustable Steel Acrow Props Manufacturer

     When compared to other materials, metal adjustable construction props excel in strength and cost-effectiveness. They outperform aluminum in strength and durability, compete favorably with stainless steel in terms of strength and cost, and are preferred over plastic props for heavy-duty applications.

      Steel prop have different names in different countries. They are also called: acro props, acro jack, acrow props, shore props, formwork props, builders props, shuttering prop, shoring props, and scaffolding props.

      We offer steel scaffolding prop packages including their standard parts and accessories. AJ building factory provides design and customization services related to steel shoring prop products.

      AJ Building will help you understand scaffolding steel acrow prop with the video below:

Strong and Durable

First, they are stronger and more durable than traditional making them ideal for use in demanding environment

High efficiency performance

Second they are also easier to use and adjust, making them a more efficient choice for construction workers



Different Styles Of Telescopic Scaffolding Acrow Prop

      As a professional steel prop factory in China, AJ building provides three common types of steel prop and provides you with their standard sizes. If you have other size requirements, we also provide exclusive customization services, please contact us for more help!


Middle east type prop

Inner Tube Dia: 48mm Outer Tube Dia:60mm

Tube Thickness: 1.8mm/2.0mm/22mm/2.5mm/3.0mm

Adjustable Length:

1600-2900mm 2000-3500mm 1800-3200mm

2200-4000mm 2800-5000mm

Spanish type acrow prop

Inner Tube Dia: 40mm Outer Tube Dia:48mm

Tube Thickness: 1.6mm/1.8mm/20mm/2.2mm

Adjustable Length:

1600-2900mm 2000-3600mm

1800-3200mm 2200-4000mm

Italian type steel prop

Inner Tube Dia: 48mm Outer Tube Dia:56mm

Tube Thickness: 1.6mm/1.8mm/2.0mm/2.2mm

Adjustable Length:

1600-2900mm 2000-3600mm

1800-3200mm 2200-4000mm



Adjustable Acrow Prop Components

      Suitable components play an important role in the stability of the steel prop system. AJ building strictly controls the quality of each component to increase safety for your project!

Click on the image below to learn more about steel props accessories:


Flower Base Plate


The base plate is a very important part of the steel prop and must be flat and able to seal smoothly.

Size:120* 120* 5mm

Square Base Plate


The scaffolding prop square base plate is the same function as the flower base plate

Size: 120* 120* 5mm

Prop Nut


This is an important part of the prop, use it to adjust the height of the prop

Pin:14* 175mm

Screw: 200* 60* 3.25mm

Props Nut


Their functions are the same

Nut: 125* 60* 3.5mm

Sleeve: 55* 40* 3.5mm

Pin: 14mm



U Head Spigot

The main function of a u-head spigot is to hold timber beams securely in place.


It is a 4 way U-Head assemble at the top of Prop,used to hole H20 Timber Beam.

Scaffolding Prop Tripod

It states at the bottom of the Prop and makes the Props more safe during working.



Galvanized Steel Beam

Galvanized steel beam, also named as box floor centers, is used to support timber or deck panel on top of u head jack.






Steel Shuttering Plate

Deck is used to form concrete slab and supported by beam.Coined edge and a steel channel stiffener rcsult in a perfect concrete finish.



1200*450*2.2/2.5mm 1200*225*2.2/2.5mm

900*600*2.2/2.5mm 825*450*2.2/2.5mm





Scaffolding Acrow Prop's Advantages

  1. Versatility: Shoring props are adjustable in height, allowing them to be used in a wide range of applications and to support varying load requirements.
  2. Easy Installation: They are simple to install, with an adjustable threaded portion for setting the desired height, making them a convenient choice for temporary support.
  3. High Load Capacity: Telescoping acrow props are designed to withstand heavy loads, making them suitable for supporting concrete formwork, beams, and other construction components.
  4. Safety: Their stability and load-bearing capacity contribute to safer construction by preventing structural failures.
  5. Cost-Effective: Scaffolding acrow props are reusable, making them a cost-effective choice for multiple projects.



Company Service -- 3d Modeling Design

      Through the 3D model of the steel support, you can visually observe the overall structure of the steel support, even if you do not have this product. As a manufacturer of steel prop, AJ Building has a professional product display hall. You are welcome to visit our company, you can contact us directly.




Customization Of Telescoping Acro Prop

      As steel shoring prop manufacturers, AJ Building have full control of the design to production process and we can mass produce your goods. We offer all customization services related to steel prop, as well as mass production at competitive prices.


Surface Technology

1. Hot Dip Galvanized: The metal parts are cleaned and treated, then dipped in molten zinc at about 850°F (about 455°C). After cooling, a strong zinc coating is formed. The zinc coating formed provides excellent corrosion protection and effectively prevents metal surfaces from atmospheric, water and chemical attack, extending the life of metal products.

2. Pre-Galvanised: Pre-galvanising is a process by which a layer of zinc is applied to a coil or sheet of metal prior to the manufacture of the metal product. Pre-galvanising is done before the metal is processed into the final product. The main advantage of pre-galvanising is that the coated zinc layer provides good corrosion protection even if the metal is machined, bent or cut during the manufacturing process.

3. Powder Coated: Powder coating process is a coating technology, through the powder coating evenly sprayed on the surface of the items, and cured at high temperature to form a solid coating, with the advantages of uniformity, corrosion resistance, environmental protection and diversity. And it is possible to change the colour of the coating, such as black, blue, red, and so on.


Load Bearing


1. Heavy Duty: Heavy-duty steel prop are typically made from high-strength steel materials and are designed to withstand large amounts of pressure, weight, or other external forces. Different types of props have different load-bearing capacities, please contact us for details.

2. Light Duty: light duty steel prop are lightweight and relatively small in size, shape and thickness. They are used in situations where structural requirements are not high and a lighter support structure is required, such as non-load-bearing walls in residential buildings and commercial buildings.



      The length of the steel prop can be adjusted. According to different building heights, the heights that steel prop of different sizes can reach are also different. For example, they can be adjusted to 4 meters, 5 meters, 6 meters, etc. But we also need to consider their load-bearing capacity. If you don't know which size steel acrow prop to choose, please contact us and we will choose the most suitable product for you based on your project.



AJ Building’s Customer Project Experience

      Adjustable floor props, with their versatility, are essential in various construction scenarios. They are commonly used to support formwork during concrete casting, provide temporary support during underpinning or shoring, and offer stability for horizontal elements like slabs and beams.


Residential Application:


House Floor & Slab


In the beam and column structure of building floors, steel prop can be used to support and strengthen load-bearing components such as beams and columns. Steel prop can be used to support the space between floors to ensure the stability and load-bearing capacity of the overall structure.




When the basement structure needs to be reinforced or repaired, steel prop can be used to support and reinforce damaged parts to improve the load-bearing capacity and safety of the basement structure.




When building dividing or partition walls, steel bracing can be used to support the structure of the new wall, ensuring it is upright and stable.


     In addition to individual buildings, we have also participated in many large-scale commercial & industrial projects, such as shopping malls, bridges, tunnels, warehouses, office buildings, etc. The adaptability of steel prop allows for customization, making them indispensable in different construction scenarios, ensuring structural stability and worker safety.



Package Of Galvanised Acrow Props

      AJ Building attaches great importance to the packaging of telescopic steel props for shipment, in order to help organize and prevent steel prop products from being damaged during transportation. We bundle the steel acrow prop together in sets with steel bars or steel cables to protect the products and facilitate the handling of the products.




Why Choose AJ Building

As a wholesale adjustable steel acrow props manufacturer, AJ Building focus on providing high quality scaffolding products at competitive prices. By eliminating the middleman and dealing directly with you, we are able to significantly reduce your purchasing costs without compromising on product quality and safety. Our team of experienced professionals oversees every aspect of the production process, from raw material procurement to manufacturing and quality control, ensuring that each product meets strict standards for durability, strength and performance. We also offer flexible delivery options and responsive customer service to ensure you receive your order on time and with minimal hassle. Whether you are a small contractor or a large construction company, we are committed to providing reliable scaffolding solutions that meet your specific needs and budget.

A Complete Guide to Steel Acrow Prop

Steel Acrow Prop Is What:

      Steel props are a kind of prop systems that are used in construction projects and that consists primarily of steel, providing support and stability. It belongs to a series of scaffolding. They are typically employed for the temporary support of structures in buildings, bridges, tower cranes as well as other constructions to ensure safety and steadiness during construction. They can then be knocked down once construction work is completed on the building.


Other scaffolding systems used worldwide:


What Makes Up The Acrow Prop:

      The Acrow prop is comprised of two steel tubes, one tube inside the other, and joined together by a sliding arrangement. Below are the sections:Steel outer tube: It has a welded base plate at its bottom for stability assurance.

  • Steel inner tube: Has top plate wrapping around and going down over threads.
  • Strut Collar: Located on the outer tube and helps adjust the height of the strut.
  • Support Pin: This is a steel pin that is inserted into the hole in the inner tube to lock it at the desired height.


Different Types Of Steel Supports:

  • Vertical Support
  • Diagonal Support


Read More: Common Types Of Steel Props


Optional Accessories For Steel Support Systems:


Surface Technology

      Galvanized steel props are available in two solutions, pre-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized (HDG). Pre-galvanizing is the process of dipping unfinished steel into molten zinc to form a zinc-iron alloy coating.

      The thickness of the zinc layer in pre-galvanizing is usually between 20-60 microns. Electro-galvanizing is the process of dipping clean steel into an electrolytic solution containing zinc ions and depositing a layer of pure zinc metal on the surface of the steel using an electric current. The thickness of the zinc layer is usually thinner than pre-galvanized, typically between 5-25 microns. Hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel supports have a longer service life than electro-galvanized. Steel support props can be made from HDG steel pipe or black steel pipe.

      AJ Building has high precision spraying equipment, which can precisely control the thickness and range of spraying, so that powder coated steel support props have a smooth and bright surface, rich in color, and look very beautiful. Unlike the traditional painting process, powder coating is more environmentally friendly and the steel props have a longer service life.


How To Use An Adjustable Steel Props

  1. According to the design requirements, install the main structure to support the product, such as steel pipes, support frames, etc.
  2. Use appropriate connectors to secure the support product to the ground or building, and adjust the height and angle of the support product to ensure stability and level , and lock it.
  3. As needed, install auxiliary support structures such as diagonal braces and horizontal braces to increase overall stability and load-bearing capacity.


Pay Attention:



Calculating the Dosage

      How many Acrow props are there in one meter? Most often professional engineers will go with one Acrow Prop per meter (this is a common rule), however, this may not be appropriate for every job. Ensure that props are evenly spaced to give an even load.

      Do you need to know the amount of steel support required for your entire project? Please contact us and we will calculate the quantity of products for you based on your project area, etc.


Steel Acrow Props VS Aluminium Acrow Props


Steel Acrow Props

  • Weight: Relatively heavy, suitable for applications with high load-bearing requirements.
  • Load-bearing Capacity: Possesses high load-bearing capacity, suitable for large construction projects and heavy-duty support needs.
  • Usage Scenario: Primarily used in large construction projects, bridge construction, and other heavy-duty support applications.


Aluminium Acrow Props

  • Weight: Relatively light, suitable for applications where portability is important or weight restrictions exist.
  • Load-bearing Capacity: Generally lower, suitable for light construction and renovation projects with lighter support requirements.
  • Usage Scenario: Suitable for applications where weight restrictions exist or frequent movement is required, such as light construction and stage setup.



Read More: Acrow Props Sizes And Load Capacity


Acrow Props Serve Various Purposes, Including:

  • Providing direct support during building repair, alteration, or renovation projects.
  • Facilitating the replacement of openings such as doors, windows, or archways.
  • Creating new entrances, windows, or archways within existing walls.
  • Acting as framework support for walls, stairs, and columns.
  • Supporting lintels, beams, canopies, and concrete structures.
  • Offering essential support for trench walls during ground excavations.




Acrow Prop Storage Conditions

  1.  First, in a dry environment, building materials should be stored to prevent moisture absorption, which can cause rust, corrosion, and degradation of materials. Avoid storing them in places prone to leaks or high humidity.
  2. Second, covered storage, provides a covered storage area, such as a warehouse or shed, to protect materials from direct sunlight, rain, and other weather elements. This helps prevent damage and prolongs the life of the material.
  3. Third, ventilation, make sure the storage area is well-ventilated to allow for air circulation. Adequate ventilation helps prevent moisture buildup and condensation, reducing the risk of corrosion and mold growth.
  4. Fourth, separate and organize, and store different types of building materials separately and keep them tidy. This facilitates easy access, minimizes the risk of damage, and simplifies inventory management. Use racks, racks, or trays to keep materials high and off the ground.
  5.  Fifth, to protect against pollutants, avoid storing construction materials near substances that could damage them, such as chemicals, solvents, or other corrosive materials. Also, keep them away from areas prone to excessive dust, dirt, or debris accumulation.
  6. Sixth, weight considerations, when stacking or storing heavy construction materials, please consider the load-bearing capacity of the storage area. Make sure the storage structure can support the weight without risk of collapse or damage.
  7. Seventh, security measures, implement appropriate security measures to protect stored materials from theft or unauthorized access. This could include fencing, locked gates, security cameras or sirens.


      We have a case, in a coastal city, our customer stores scaffolding outdoors, because the salt particles in the coastal air contain chloride ions, which are very corrosive to steel. When these salt particles come into contact with the steel surface, they react with the moisture and oxygen in the air, causing the scaffolding to corrode and become unusable.


The storage of scaffolding in coastal cities to prevent corrosion can mainly be done in the following three points:

  • First, apply a protective coating, using a corrosion-resistant coating such as paint, epoxy or galvanizing on the steel to create a barrier against salt particles and moisture.
  • Second, regular cleaning, regularly clean the steel surface to remove accumulated salt and other contaminants that can cause corrosion.
  • Third, monitoring and maintenance, regularly check whether the stored steel has any signs of corrosion or damage, and solve the problems found in time.


By implementing these measures, you can help minimize the adhesion of salt particles and reduce the risk of accelerated corrosion of steel stored close to the sea in coastal environments.






Q:What is the purpose of using steel props?

A:Steel props provide temporary support to structural components, ensuring their stability and preventing sagging or collapse during construction. They are commonly used to support formwork, transfer loads, and maintain vertical alignment.


Q:How do I choose the right size and load capacity for steel props?

A:The choice of steel prop size depends on factors like the load to be supported and the height required. Manufacturers provide load capacity charts and guidelines to help select the appropriate props for your project.


Q:Can steel props be used for both interior and exterior construction projects?

A:Yes, steel props are suitable for both interior and exterior construction. They can be used in a variety of environments and weather conditions.

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