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What Is Bank Scaffolding System


The bank scaffolding is a scaffold system that is exclusively designed for the bank buildings construction and maintenance. This scaffolding is not only to provide workers a safety working platform but also to meet the special needs of the bank building including the high safety, stability, aesthetics, and less influences on daily banking operations. Bank scaffolding plays a crucial role in the high-rise building external wall repair, cleaning, and the functions of renovating the building, and building a new bank building.




Types Of Bank Scaffolding 


Several types of bank scaffolding, and each type has its own unique features and situations it is best suited for. Choosing the right type of bank scaffolding can improve efficiency in the construction of bank buildings, ensure safety of construction work, and avoid shutdown of banking functions.  Below are common types of bank scaffolding:



Modular Scaffolding



Introduction: Modular scaffolding refers to a type of scaffolding system made up of pre-engineered components that can be assembled in various configurations.



·High Stability: It is the most suitable type of scaffolding for tall buildings, which need long-term support for certain construction and maintenance.

·High Load Capacity: The scaffold has a high load capacity so that it can accommodate many different kinds of heavy equipment as well as a lot of construction materials.

·High Safety: The safety feature of the scaffold provides an excellent working platform. It makes performing complex construction tasks possible.



·Restoring the exterior of a bank building.

·Building a new high-rise bank building.



Mobile Scaffolding



Overview: Mobile scaffold is a type of scaffold that possess flexible scaffold system and is installed on castor wheels. It is a kind of scaffolding where mobility is required more frequently.



·High Flexibility: The moving fast and according to site conditions shows the high flexibility of using the mobile scaffold, and its high flexibility provides more working to reduce the operating cycle of construct.

·Easy Operation: Mobile scaffold is always easy to move and can be quickly assembled on site due to its lightweight materials.

·Wide Application Range: It is suitable for interior and exterior construction tasks.



·Indoor renovation in bank lobby.

·Basic maintenance in bank branch locations.



Suspended Scaffolding



Overview: Suspended scaffold refers to the scaffold system which is hung from the outside of building, which uses steel cable and motor to push or pull the working platform, and can be quickly raised or lowered according to the construction height difference.



·High Flexibility:  it is very convenient to adjust to different heights.

·No Ground Space Occupied: it does not occupy the floor because it is suspended from the top of the building.

·Easy Storage and Transport: after the scaffold is not used, we can disassemble the scaffold and store it in a small space.



·For the exterior wall cleaning of large bank buildings.

·For the replacement of exterior glass windows of bank buildings.



Key Considerations For Bank Scaffolding


  • Special safety requirements: Banks are mostly situated in busy urban locations or commercial districts. Therefore, bank construction is an issue of construction safety. Due to the construction environment, the bank scaffold must have the most stringent safety standard to ensure that pedestrians walking by the building or the workers at the construction site dont be affected.


  • Privacy preservation: When a bank is being built, the bank must take into account the privacy of the bank and customers. The bank needs to design and build the bank with the bank privacy in mind. The scaffolding must have a design that provides a certain level of screening to reduce the possibility of people looking into the bank to see what is happening.


  • Aesthetics: Banks are usually visually beautiful and have a modern and "professional" appearance. Therefore, we must ensure that any scaffolding utilized during the construction process does not detract from the overall beauty of the bank. Therefore, the scaffold used should be built in such a way that it is as simple and clean in construction as possible design wise, and can be easily removed post construction to leave the building as beautiful as possible.


  • Stability and durability: Banks have a high building height and the building and construction work will have construction and regular maintenance over a long time. Therefore, the bank scaffold system must have a high standard in stability and durability, and it should be able to endure various weather conditions. It also needs to be easily accessible to operators, given that the equipment will be frequently used.


  • Least business impact: Banks are businesses that require a continuous bank transaction service. Therefore, if banks need to have construction performed, then construction should not impede the bank's daily business. The scaffolding should be built to erect and dismantle quickly to minimize impact to the bank and their business, if even possible.



Bank Scaffolding Project Experience


Showcasing real-world examples of successful bank scaffolding projects in Africa helps illustrate the practical applications and benefits of using specialized scaffolding systems. Here are a few notable case studies from various African countries:


Project 1:

First National Bank, Johannesburg, South Africa



Project Overview:

  • Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Duration of Project: 5 Months
  • Scale: External refurbishment work on the entire building, which included painting and structural adjustments.


The Challenges:

  • Traffic environment: The premises are located in a central builtup area, which possesses regular foot and vehicle traffic.
  • The height of the building: Due to the structure being a multi-storey building, of around 20 floors above the ground which required the installation of scaffolding.
  • Safety requirements: The health and safety of workers and the community, in view of the height of the building, and the location of the site.



  • Modular scaffolding: Modular scaffolding, which is stable and is very safe for construction workers whilst working at high levels, and which can be easily installed and removed.
  • Safety: The scaffolding is designed with additional safety features, which include: kick boarding, safety nets and guardrail systems to prevent falls and objects falling.
  • The public: Contact was made with the local authority to inform and protect the public, and for them to be aware of the work taking place.



  • The building was repainted: The entire exterior of the building was renovated, which enhanced the aesthetics and integrity of the building.
  • Safety: The project was carried out without any serious safety incidents. This was due to the high safety standards which were incorporated.
  • The public: The public awareness campaign informed the public about the scope of the works and what to expect, to lessen disruption of the public, and was very well received.



Project 2:

Standard Bank, Nairobi, Kenya



Project Background:

  • Location: Upper Hill, Nairobi, Kenya.
  • Duration of the Project: 4 months
  • Scope of Work: Maintenance and repair of external cladding and signage.



  • Building Complexity: Customized scaffolding was needed to accommodate the unique architectural details of the building.
  • Weather: The project was during the rain season, so ensuring the scaffolding was weathertight was crucial.
  • Continuity of Operation: The bank required all entrances and exits in operation during their working hours.



  • Bridging Scaffolding System: Building a scaffolding bridge to walk over entrances and open areas while building.
  • Weather Protected : the scaffold included weather conditions with galvanized scaffolding equipment.
  • Modular Scaffold: the scaffold was a modular scaffold platform that can be modified  based on site conditions whenever necessary.



  • Continuous Access: customers and employees did not have to endure any major disruptions in order to access the building.  Quality Repairs: the infrastructure of the exterior cladding and signage were returned to ideal condition.  
  • Weatherproof: The scaffolding withstood adverse weather conditions, ensuring the project stayed on track.



Project 3:

Ecobank, Accra, Ghana



Project Overview:

  • Location: Ridge, Accra, Ghana
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Scope: To renovate the exterior facade and replace the windows of the 10-story building.



  • Urban area: The building is located in a vibrant area with high volumes of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
  • Height and Accessibility: The building is 10-stories high and required special scaffolding be erected to reach access all floors.
  • Operational Continuity: The bank needs to operate uninterrupted throughout the renovations.



  • Altitude Access: Advanced suspended scaffolding systems were used to give access to all floors safely.
  • Safety measures: Implemented strict safety stopping measures such as safety nets and barriers to protect passers-by and workers.
  • Night Shifts: Noisy and disruptive work was limited to the night period to limit the effect on bank operations and customer activity.



  • Completed on Time: The project was completed on time and without any major incidents.
  • High-Quality Result: An exterior facade and new windows raise both the aesthetics and energy sustainability of the building.
  • Operational Continuity: The bank continued to function during the renovation phase without impact.




Bank scaffolding plays a crucial role in ensuring the safe, efficient, and non-disruptive completion of construction and maintenance projects in the banking sector. Whether it's renovating a high-rise building in Johannesburg, maintaining the exterior cladding in Nairobi, or refurbishing the facade in Accra, specialized scaffolding solutions address unique challenges and provide numerous benefits.


Scaffolding Suppliers and Solutions:


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Why Is Modular Scaffolding Preferred For Bank Projects?

  • Modular scaffolding is preferred for bank projects due to its adaptability, safety features, and minimal disruption to bank operations. 


What Are The Cost Benefits Of Using Modular Scaffolding?

  • Modular scaffolding reduces labor costs due to its quick assembly and disassembly. Its reusable components also lower material costs for future projects, making it a cost-effective solution.


How Can I Get A Customized Scaffolding Solution For My Bank Project?

  • To get a customized scaffolding solution, contact us We provide tailored scaffolding systems that meet your specific project needs, ensuring safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Our experienced team will work with you to design and implement the best scaffolding solution for your project.

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