Oil And Gas Scaffolding


      The oil and gas field is of course the most complex part of the present society, and the construction of scaffolding in the oil and gas field can basically be said to be established on deserts, seas, cold pole areas and other harsh human unlivable environments. The harsh environment itself is extremely demanding on the operating equipment. Scaffolding, as an important infrastructure that guarantees the safety of work and the efficiency of work improvement, makes itself particularly extraordinary here. It is not only necessary to bear heavy loads and be corrosion-resistant, but also to meet the requirements in explosive environments of the a series of industry-related industries.

      In this blog, we will deeply explore the key role of scaffolding systems in the oil and gas industry, and we will use specific cases to help you accurately understand the oil and gas industry scaffolding.



Oil And Gas Scaffolding Conditions Met

Due to the specificity of the oil and gas sector, the scaffold used must meet more stringent and special requirements than other industries. Generally speaking, the following requirements must be met:


  • Durability and strength: Oil and gas platforms are usually placed in a harsh environment with extreme temperatures, high salinity, and high humidity. Therefore, the scaffold system requires the use of heavy-duty scaffolding to increase durability and strength.


  • Corrosion resistance: Working in water or wet areas will cause the scaffold material to be corroded, so it is especially important to use a scaffold with anti-corrosion processing in the oil and gas industry. Processing technology, such as galvanization or powder coating.


  • Anti-explosive: There is a risk of explosion in the oil and gas sector, so it must also use an anti-explosion scaffold. To achieve environmental safety.


  • Easy installation and disassemble: The operation of the oil and gas industry often changes the project site, the scaffold system you use should be fast to assemble and disassemble, which can improve productivity and save project costs.


  • Safety: Scaffolding systems must be designed with the safety of workers in mind. A stable platform is required, and other safety features, such as non-slip finishes, safety railings, and fencing, must also be included.



Choosing The Right Type Of Scaffolding

In the oil and gas industry, scaffolding can be used in the following ways:


1. Traditional tube and fitting scaffolding:

  • Traditional pipe fitting scaffolding can be manipulated to suit any size or shape. It is created using steel tubing or aluminum and metal clamps.It is commonly employed in the repair or construction of new facilities at refineries and gas plants.


2. Modular scaffolding:

  • These are the most common types of scaffolding. They are modular systems that can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled. These systems are perfect for large projects, such as offshore platforms or giant oil storage tanks.


Modular scaffolding systems:


3. Suspended scaffolding:

  • This system is attached to the top of a building structure and is primarily used to work on high-rise structures. This method provides enhanced security and accessibility when working at significant heights where there are hazards.
  • It is useful on major exploration vessels and in the steel construction of new pipelines and refinery towers. Whether you work on a construction project or at a greater height, protection is the utmost priority.



Oil And Gas Engineering Project Cases


Saudi Arabia - Marjan Oil Field Project

  • The Marjan Oilfield project was based in the Persian Gulf. Local seawater has high salt content and humidity, which are likely to cause more corrosion to the scaffolding. So that, some particular attention must be paid to the selection of materials and methods of construction in this environment.



*The issues of this project:


  • Stability in harsh environment: Offshore oilfield construction is undertaken in an environment of strong wind, high wave, and salt in seawater is extremely high corrosion, and the requirements of scaffold strength and stability are particularly high.


  • Security: When working at sea, the safety risk is very high, and safe operation is placed first. All the scaffold design and construction reinforcing measures are made according to safety issues.


  • Efficiency and Flexibility: Large projects require the construction of a large-scale project progress is also relatively fast, in the construction of the required scaffolding to install and move fast, in the construction of scaffolding will be able to move flexibly.


*The scaffolding solution:


  • Adopt special materials and optimize design: Use stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and other anti-corrosion materials within the construction use of scaffold between the anti-corrosion treatment such as galvanizing, the steel structure sprayed anti-rust paints to reduce the corrosion of the scaffold. On the other hand, it is based in the design of the actual construction needs and the production of products after the performance of testing and evaluation, with the design changes in the parts of the structure increase the wind resistance to resist the wind and waves.


  • Safety training and protective equipment: Workers are trained to work locally in the rough sea to learn how to operate safely and take a safe way of life and issued a life jacket, safety belt, boots and other PPE. The scaffolding is equipped with safety railings, anti-slip pedals, fences, and other safety equipment to improve the safety of workers.


  • Introducing a modular scaffold system: The modular scaffold can be quickly installed and disassembled and the project can be flexibly rearranged, saving project implementation time and cost.






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