OEM&ODM Services


      We offer custom scaffolding services with powder spraying, hot-dip galvanizing, and cold-dip galvanizing. The anti-corrosion effect is excellent, with a service life of 5-10 years. You can customize the product color and Logo as well. Whether for commercial buildings, bridge projects, or oil exploration, we tailor the scaffolding size and thickness to fit your engineering needs and safety standards precisely. We also provide accurate scaffolding quantity calculations to save on procurement costs.




Guidelines For Use


      For the construction and use of scaffolding, we will provide you with professional technical guidance, and provide a complete use of tutorial videos, convenient for you to learn at any time. No matter what kind of questions you have in the process of using it, you can contact us at any time.




Warehousing And Logistics Services
      With our extensive logistics network and rich experience, we cooperate with major shipping companies and ports and can provide you with more competitive logistics prices than the market price. And according to your project needs, we can customize logistics solutions.

One-Stop Services
      We have established long-term relationships with many high-quality suppliers and are able to procure steel, wood, tiles, doors, windows or other building materials for you at more favorable prices. We will take care of all the building materials procurement procedures for you and assist you in solving all the problems in the procurement process, thus making your procurement process more convenient and efficient.

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