Scaffolding Production Capacity
Our advanced CNC manufacturing equipment ensures the quality of products in cutting, welding, grinding, surface treatment and other processes to safeguard your projects. Residential, commercial buildings, and government projects can benefit from our scaffolding manufacturing. 
We provide you with comprehensive solutions for scaffolding such as ringlock, steel props, frame at competitive wholesale prices. This includes design, modelling, personalisation, packaging, shipping and more.
If you need custom scaffolding Product, choose AJ Building as your suppliers!
Formwork Production Capacity
As a leading building formwork company, AJ Building provides tailored formwork solutions for your construction project, considering factors such as cost and convenience.
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment enables us to create steel formwork through cutting, bending, shearing, welding, drilling, milling, grinding, and sanding processes. We offer a variety of formwork options, including PVC formwork, hollow formwork, and wooden formwork, suitable for civil and commercial construction projects, enhancing efficiency and cost savings.
Choose AJ Building as your supplier to gain a competitive edge in the market.
Application field
There are various types of scaffolding, from the original traditional scaffolding to the current industrial scaffolding, and nowadays, steel scaffolding and aluminum scaffolding are used by more and more builders. Steel scaffolding is widely used because of its cheap price and practicality. We are one of the top scaffolding companies in China, as a professional scaffolding manufacturer, we provide various types of scaffolding products, customization service, quality inspection service, etc. If you are looking for scaffolding suppliers, you can send us your inquiry today!
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The formwork is a kind of temporary support structure, which is made according to the design requirements, so that the concrete structure and components can be shaped according to the specified position and geometric dimensions, maintain their correct position, and bear the self-weight of the formwork and the external load on it.
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Custom made

Through our fabrication services, AJ Building is fully capable of customizing any scaffolding & formwork product. We can manufacture to your specific design, shape, size, finish, thickness, logo and more. Our engineers can customize your order with the following services and processes:

  • We use laser cutting technology for simple and precise sheet metal cutting.
  • AJ Building uses stamping techniques to form punched holes such as countersunk holes and ribs.
  • AJ Building uses different welding techniques such as spot welding, tig welding etc.
Custom made
Custom made
Why Us?

Our scaffolding and formwork fabrication services offer numerous benefits to various industries, businesses, and projects. We have exported our products to over 160 countries, providing a global reach for our clients. With our one-to-one quality control approach, we ensure that each component meets the highest standards. We also offer exceptional after-sales service, addressing any concerns or questions our clients may have. Additionally, we provide inspection and shipment videos to maintain transparency throughout the process. 

Why Us?
Why Us?
Project cases

Over the past 20 years,we have been sticking to the purposes of “time-saving, effort-saving, money-saving, worry-saving” and so we have received multitudinous praise and recognition from many customers at home and abroad.We firmly believe that AJ Century Group could become a leading enterprise in the construction industry.

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