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      One of the factors that usually defines a commercial scaffolding project is the fact that the building is a public space, AJ Building offer a quality service in professional commercial scaffolding and we also have extensive experience in the industry. Don't forget we operate globally, check out some of our projects and work below!



Breakthrough In Production Capacity


AJ Building adopts advanced CNC technology to automate the production process of scaffolding cutting, welding, and powder coating. It can guarantee the quality of the products well and deliver the products to you faster.



After-Sales Service


      After the product is sold is precisely the beginning of our more intimate service, our professional quality inspection team, from the product size specification inspection, welding quality inspection, surface treatment testing, product load-bearing test, etc., to ensure that we deliver high-quality, high-standard scaffolding products for you.




Project Experience

  • We work with customers in over 160 countries around the world and have extensive experience in commercial scaffolding applications.



Commercial Scaffolding Applications:


  • Scaffolding for bridge support and facade construction

  • AJ building offers one-stop scaffolding solutions

  • Heavy duty scaffolding is required for support.

  • Customized scaffolding styles just for you

  • Wholesale pricing to save on your project costs

  • AJ building exports to over 160 countries




Understanding Steel Material


      Commercial scaffolding is all about large construction projects, so choosing great scaffolding materials is very important. The advantages of steel are highly valued in construction and manufacturing in several ways:


  • DURABILITY & STRENGTH:  steel is a strong and durable metal with excellent strength and durability.
  • PLASTICITY AND ADAPTABILITY:  steel has good plasticity and can be processed into various shapes through forging, rolling, and other processes.
  • RECYCLABILITY:  steel is a recyclable material, in line with today's concept of sustainability.
  • CORROSION RESISTANCE:  steel can be treated with corrosion protection using coatings or plating, etc., to improve its corrosion resistance.
  • COST EFFECTIVENESS:  The cost of steel is usually relatively low compared to some other building materials, such as plastic or aluminum.


Types of Commercial Steel Scaffolding

  • #
    Ringlock scaffolding with eight holes can be used for most complex projects
  • #
    The steel support can be used to support floors, walls, etc. and can be adjusted in height at will.
  • #
    Can be used indoors and outdoors, equipped with casters, and can also be moved
  • #
    New type of scaffolding, capable of quick installation and disassembly, with strong stability
  • #
    Wide range of applications for facades, round buildings, birdcage walkways and stairways, etc.
  • #
    Widely used in South Africa to replace traditional bamboo scaffolding.




Customization options


      In today's complex and ever-changing construction envsteelment, where every project is unique, customized scaffolding solutions are especially important, AJ Building is committed to providing flexible and professional customized scaffolding solutions to meet the unique requirements of your project.


1. Engineering needs assessment:

First, our team of professionals will conduct a thorough assessment of your project needs. Factors such as the size of the project, the structural characteristics of the building, and the construction envsteelment will be considered to ensure that the customized solution fully meets your expectations and needs.


2. Customized dimensions and structural design:

Based on the results of the assessment, we will give you the dimensions and structural design of the scaffolding. This includes key components such as beams, risers, connectors, etc., to ensure that each part is perfectly adapted to the needs of your project.


3. Special envsteelmental adaptation:

For special envsteelments, such as high altitudes, areas with strong winds, or humid envsteelments, we will adapt the materials and design accordingly to ensure that the scaffolding remains safe and reliable under extreme conditions.


4. Material selection and anti-corrosion treatment:

Paint, powder coating, pre-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized steel, etc. to meet the special requirements of different projects. Anti-corrosion treatment will be carefully selected according to the project envsteelment and requirements, including painting, powder coating, pre-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, etc. to guarantee the service life and stability of the scaffolding.


5. Cost-effectiveness:

We understand the importance of project budgets, so our customized solutions will provide the most optimal support solution for your budgetary requirements, ensuring maximum cost-effectiveness.



How To Choose A Supplier

Choosing the right commercial scaffolding supplier is a critical step in ensuring a successful project and safe construction. Here are some suggestions:


Experience and reputation:

  • Choose a supplier with a lot of experience and a good reputation. Consider their history in scaffolding, completed projects, and customer reviews. A supplier with a lot of experience is usually better able to meet your needs.


Technical capacity:

  • Evaluate suppliers' technical capabilities, including design, manufacturing, and quality control. Find out about the materials they use, their production processes, and their R&D and innovation capabilities. This helps ensure that you get a high-quality scaffolding system that meets the latest standards.


Customer service and support:

  • A proactive and responsive supplier is better able to meet your needs. Consider whether they offer pre-sales consulting, after-sales service, and training support.


Cost versus value:

  • Compare quotes from different vendors, but don't just focus on price. You should also consider the quality of their products, service levels, and project support.



  • Consider the sustainability of the supplier and the possibility of long-term cooperation. Choosing a stable supplier with a long-term plan ensures reliable support throughout the project cycle.


Contracts and clauses:

  • Review the terms of the contract carefully before signing it. Make sure that all key details, including delivery times, payment terms, etc., are clearly and unambiguously stated.




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What Is The Role Of Scaffolding In Construction Industry?

  • Scaffolding is a temporary platform that provides support, lifting and lowering for construction projects or maintenance work, and provides a working platform for workers.


How Many Levels Are There In Scaffolding?

  1. Basic scaffolding (SB)
  2. Intermediate scaffolding (SI)
  3. Advanced scaffolding (SA)


How Much Does Scaffolding Cost?

  • The price of a scaffolding project depends on the size, complexity and duration of the project. If you would like to know the exact cost of your project, please contact us to help you calculate



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