Tunnel Scaffolding


    During the tunnel construction process, scaffolding, as a key construction tool, plays an irreplaceable role. It not only provides a stable and safe working platform for construction workers, but also supports the construction and maintenance of tunnel structures. Therefore, choosing the right scaffolding product supplier is crucial to the successful implementation of a tunnel construction project.



Challenges and Needs of Tunnel Construction

  • Tunnel construction projects face multiple challenges and special needs, which place higher requirements on the selection and application of scaffolding products. The following are common challenges and needs in tunnel construction:


A. Complex geological conditions: Tunnel construction often faces challenges with complex geological conditions, such as unstable geological structures, hard or weak rock formations, etc. This calls for increased requirements for safety and stability during construction through scaffolding; hence there is a necessity for selecting scaffolding products that can be adaptable in different geographical settings.


B. Space limitations and construction environment: A small area inside the tunnel for construction is one space limitation experienced while working within tunnels; moreover, other factors such as poor ventilation and high humidity characterize the complex construction environment. Thus, scaffolding must be flexible and adaptable enough to fit into limited spaces safely and securely so that it can be erected and utilized.


C. Long construction period and high efficiency requirements: Tunnel construction usually requires a long construction period and also has high requirements for construction efficiency. So as a result of this, scaffoldings that can improve the efficiency of the work and which can save on time for construction are necessary; factors that can lead to reduced costs on projects and an increased efficiency in building.


D. High safety risks: There is also a high risk for safety during tunnel construction due to its complex environments such as high altitude operations and underground operations. The scaffolding products should have strict safe performance and protective measures so as to guarantee the protection of worker’s life.


E. Special tunnel structures: There are different types of tunnel structures such as circular, oval, rectangular etc., hence; it is important to choose suitable scaffolding products and construction schemes according to different structure types in order to ensure that the project runs smoothly.


To meet challenges and needs like the ones we’ve described above, we produce different types and specifications of scaffolding products. What’s more, we offer tailor-made scaffold solutions and professional assistance according to clients’ specific demands and project characteristics to cater for tunnel construction projects.



Selecting The Right Scaffolding Product For Your Project

  • In order to accommodate various project demands and construction environments in tunnel construction projects, our company makes available many types and sizes of scaffolding products.


1. For small tunnel projects:

  • Modular scaffolding: modular scaffolding is highly suitable for use in small tunnels. It has a modular design and can be assembled flexibly according to the size and form of the tunnel. This type also has high load-bearing capacity and stability.
  • Portal Scaffolding: Portal Scaffolding is used in building and maintenance of tunnel entrances or exits, as its structure is simple and it operates conveniently, which makes it perfect for constructing and supporting little tunnels.


2. For large tunnel projects:

  • Cantilevered scaffolding: The construction and maintenance of internal structures in large tunnels may be required. Cantilevered scaffolding provides a stable working platform that can also be adjusted according to the height and shape of the tunnel, thereby meeting different construction requirements.
  • Modular scaffolding: For bigger tunnels, modular scaffold still works well. It can be put together by using modules depending on the size of the tunnel, covering a big working area hence improving construction efficiency.
  • Bridge support scaffolding: Bridge support scaffolding is one essential choice when there is need of holding up the tunnel structure during large tunnel projects. In addition, it offers strong supportive ability for safety assurance during construction process.


Modular Scaffolding System

  1. Ring Lock Scaffolding
  2. Cup Lock Scaffolding
  3. Kwikstage Scaffolding
  4. Quick Lock Scaffolding


Project Introduction


1. Undersea Tunnel Project-Dalian Bay



Basic Information About The Project

  • Dalian Bay is an important undersea tunnel connecting Dalian Donggang Business District and Zhuanshi Bay, passing through Dalian Bay from the Yellow Sea side. The tunnel’s entire length is 5.1 kilometers, comprising of 3.04 kilometers immersed pipe section, 1.8 kilometers land section, and 0.3 kilometers connecting roads. Design for two way six lanes and the design service life of the main structure is one hundred years.



1.The roof of the tunnel structure has the highest thickness that reaches 1900mm, a relatively heavy construction load and higher demand on supporting system;

2.The tunnel structure is more complicated. The overarching structure of the A/B/C set of tunnels varies in cross section shape and poses tremendous challenges in construction with scaffoldings;

3.Because there was little time for construction, it will be necessary to use mobile formwork. However, choosing whole formwork support system and moving castor machine design for high structures were quite complex designs until now.



      The engineering technical team has researched and analyzed the issue and finally decided on a mobile caster system in combination with the strong bearing capacity of disc buckle scaffold, as well as designed a new mobile formwork bracket system for quick over-turnable scaffolding without dismantling the frame.

      The application of advanced design idea of mobile formwork system to Dalian Bay subsea tunnel has significantly reduced construction period. For example, if traditional formwork support is removed and turned over in two months, our invented movable formwork system would be ready to move within 15 days from erection.Not only does it meet super-large slab thickness 1900mm load support requirements for tunnels but also achieves efficient movement for first form work systems used domestically inside tunnels. This has saved both time costs and economic costs by half


2. Dar Es Salaam Short Tunnel Project In Tanzania



Project Overview:

      Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, is an important commercial and transportation hub in East Africa. Traffic congestion in the urban area is becoming increasingly serious. In order to improve traffic conditions, the local government decided to build a short tunnel with a length of about 900 meters to connect the city center and suburbs to improve citizens' travel efficiency.


Project Difficulties:

(a) Structural design requirements: The structural design of the tunnel needs to consider factors such as geological conditions, groundwater conditions, and traffic load to ensure that the tunnel has sufficient stability and load-bearing capacity.

(b) Structural adaptability: The special requirements of the tunnel structure may cause general scaffolding products to be unable to be fully adapted, requiring customized design of scaffolding products that conform to the tunnel structure.

(c) Product safety: As a key component of supporting tunnel structures, the quality and safety of scaffolding products are crucial and need to meet strict safety standards and requirements.



(a) Customized design: As a scaffolding manufacturer, we will work with the engineering team to customize and develop scaffolding products that meet the structural design requirements according to the special requirements of the tunnel structure to ensure that they perfectly fit the tunnel structure.

(b) Product quality and safety certification: We will strictly control the quality of scaffolding products to ensure that they meet safety standards and requirements, and pass certification to prove their quality and safety.

(c) Engineering technical support: We will provide professional engineering technical support to the engineering team to assist them in achieving the best match between tunnel structure needs and product design, ensuring that scaffolding products can meet engineering requirements.


How You Should Customize Your Plan From Aj Building


Provide project drawings:

      We accept project drawings provided by customers, or our engineer team can design and provide professional project drawings according to customer needs.

These drawings will include detailed scaffolding layout, dimensions and specifications to ensure full compliance with the project requirements.


Describe basic needs:

      We need customers to provide basic requirements about the project, including information on usage scenarios, required load-bearing capacity, construction height, construction period, etc.

Customers can also describe specific requirements such as specially shaped scaffolding, additional safety fittings or customized support structures.


Provide project budget:

      Our team will provide detailed project quotations and budgets based on the project requirements and drawings provided by the customer.

The budget will include cost estimates for scaffolding materials, labor installation fees, transportation costs, etc. to ensure that the customer receives a satisfactory solution within the budget.


What Services You Can Get From Aj Building:


One-stop purchasing service:

  • where customers can purchase all required scaffolding products and accessories through us without the need for separate purchases.
  • Such services can save customers time and energy while ensuring product matching and compatibility.


Wholesale prices:

  • As a scaffolding manufacturer, we are able to provide competitive wholesale prices, and customers can enjoy more favorable prices.
  • We have long-term and stable cooperative relationships with raw material suppliers and are able to obtain preferential purchase prices, and these discounts are reflected in product prices to benefit customers.


Professional pre-sales, sales and after-sales services:

  • We have a professional sales team that can provide customers with professional pre-sales consultation and technical support to help customers choose appropriate products and solutions.
  • During the sales process, we ensure timely order tracking and communication to ensure that customers understand the progress of the order.
  • In terms of after-sales service, we promise to respond to customers' questions and needs in a timely manner, provide customers with technical support, product maintenance and after-sales services to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence in our products.


Professional product design services:

  • We have an experienced product design team that can provide customized product design services according to customers' specific needs.
  • Our design team has professional technical knowledge and experience and can provide customers with optimized design solutions to ensure product quality, safety and reliability.

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