Heavy Duty Multi-directional Galvanized Ringlock Scaffolding System

AJ building is a manufacturer and supplier of ringlock scaffolding in China. With 24 years of rich experience in the construction field, we can provide you with high-quality and low-cost products, and can calculate the product dosage according to your engineering design plan.

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Wholesale Layher Allround Ringlock Scaffolding System Manufacturer

      As a professional factory and supplier of steel ringlock scaffolding system in china, AJ Building supplies products to more than 160 countries and regions around the world. We strictly control the quality of our products from production, testing, packaging, etc., and are deeply trusted by our customers!

      Ringlock scaffolding is also called layer scaffolding, allround scaffolding, modular scaffolding and ring lock scaffolding.

      You can get to know the steel ringlock scaffolding through the video below, if you are interested, please feel free to contact us.



Modular design allows for easy customization to suit different proiect requirements and configurations.



Ring lock scaffolding is designed with built-in safety eatures such as quardrails and non-slip decks surface




Ringlock Scaffolding System Parts

 AJ building provides a series of ring lock scaffolding system products and provides you with technical support. Click on the image below for more product information:


Ringlock Standard

Ringlock standards, which form the main part of the Ringlock scaffolding, are made of Q235 or Q345 steel and are connected by mounting pins.



3000*48*3.0/3.25mm 2500*48*3.0/3.25mm

2000*48*3.0/3.25mm 1000*48*3.0/3.25mm

Ringlock Ledger

The ledger is attached to the rosette as standard, and consists of a 0.3 metre modular steel tube welded to the ends of the ledger. 



2000*48*2.75/3.0/3.25mm 1780*48*2.75/3.0/3.25mm



RInglock Diagonal Brace

Diagonal braces ensure diagonal stability from corner to corner on scaffolding with cross braces.

Ringlock Bracket

Attached to the end of the frame to form a platform perpendicular (90°) to the frame and side supports.

RInglock Base Collar

The Base Collar(Start Collar/Starter) is the beginning of the Ringlock scaffolding system.



U Head(hollow)

U-Head Hollow Screwjack is used as the top of ring scaffolding tower. 


Jack Base(hollow)

Jack Base provide a safe, flat work surface at different working heights.


Galvanized Plank without Hook

Galvanized plank without hook used to cross the scaffolding system


Double Ledgers

Double ledgers are horizontal members of Ringlock scaffolding that allow for increased load carrying capacities

Truss Ledger

Ringlock Truss Ledgers are horizontal Ringlock scaffolding elements that provide increased load-bearing capacity.

Galvanized Plank with Hook

It can be used for scaffolding systems. The surface is galvanized. It can be used outdoors for a long time.


Our range includes scaffolding ladders for all types of construction work, roof ladders, stair ladders and much more.



3D Model Display For Allround RInglock Scaffolding

      Under the umbrella of our factory, we also have a Ltd company. Our company is able to help you design a 3D model of your allround ringlock scaffolding system, in such a way that you can visualize what the scaffolding will look like in its entirety when applied to your project!





Customized Modular Ringlock Scaffolding For You

      Various styles of steel ring lock scaffolding are available, each with a unique surface finish. Among these styles, you'll find options for powder coating, hot-dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing, pre-galvanizing, painting, and more. Please let us know if you require a specific process or a different size as we are more than happy to accommodate your needs and provide custom solutions to your requirements.


Surface Process

1. Hot-Dip Galvanizing: Hot dip galvanizing is a process that protects steel from corrosion by applying a protective zinc coating. The method involves immersing the metal in a bath of molten zinc, usually maintained at around 860°F (460°C). Typically, hot-dip galvanized coatings provide decades of excellent corrosion protection in most atmospheric conditions.

2. Electro-Galvanizing: Electrogalvanizing is a process of applying a zinc coating to steel or iron through electrodeposition. Electro-galvanizing produces a thinner layer of zinc than hot-dip galvanizing.

3. Pre-Galvanizing: Pre-galvanizing is the process of coating steel coils or sheets with a layer of zinc before being formed into its final shape or manufactured into various products. The thickness of the zinc coating on pre-galvanized steel ranges from around 8 to 20 microns.

4. Powder Coating: The method involves applying a fine powder made of pigments, resins and additives to a surface, then applying heat to fuse the powder into a durable and smooth coating. The curing process typically occurs within a temperature range of 300 to 450°F (150 to 232°C). And the surface color can be defined, such as blue, red, etc.



1. Height: For general buildings, most floor heights are 3-4 meters. The standard sizes we provide can be suitable for most projects. But if your project has special requirements, we can customize the height of the ringlock scaffolding according to your project.

2. Material: Different grades of steel have different strengths. For our standard products, we offer them made of Q235 and Q345 steel. If you have other grades of steel requirements, please contact us for customization.




Customize accessories like planks, guardrails, toe boards, and stairs to enhance safety and functionality on the scaffold. Tailoring these accessories ensures they fit perfectly within the scaffolding system.



Metal Ringlock Scaffolding Project Experience

AJ Building has extensive experience in ring lock scaffolding construction projects. We offer one-stop solutions and services and strive to meet the requirements of different projects. The different ring lock applications are listed below:


Building Construction


Used in the construction of residential buildings, commercial complexes, high-rise structures, and more. It provides access to workers at different levels for tasks like masonry, painting, and plastering.


Infrastructure Development: 


Applied in infrastructure projects such as bridges, tunnels, roads, and railways for construction, repairs, and maintenance.


Industrial Facilities: 


Utilized in industrial settings like refineries, power plants, and factories for maintenance, equipment installation, and repairs.


Event Management:


Used in the creation of temporary structures for events like concerts, festivals, and exhibitions to provide platforms and stages.



Shipbuilding and Ports: 


Used in shipyards and ports for ship maintenance, construction, and repair tasks.



Ring Lock Type Scaffolding Package

      AJ building strictly protects the safety of your products. multipurpose ringlock scaffolding is usually packed in bundles or pallets to prevent products from being scratched during transportation. If you have special requirements, such as bubble packaging, we can customize a plan for you. Ring lock scaffolding parts can be packed in boxes or cartons.




AJ Building-Your Trustworthy Partner


AJ Building are a factory direct supplier of ringlock scaffolding. This means we manufacture and supply ring lock scaffolding directly from the factory, allowing us to offer high quality products at competitive prices.

As a factory direct supplier, we have complete control over the manufacturing process, from sourcing raw materials to designing and producing the final product. This ensures that our ringlock scaffolds meet high quality standards and are built to last.

Our team of experienced professionals are committed to providing excellent customer service and expert advice on all aspects of ringlock scaffolding. We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and requirements and provide custom solutions that meet their exact specifications.




Complete Guide to RInglock Scaffolding


1. Getting To Know Ring-lock Scaffolding

  • Ring lock scaffolding is a modular scaffolding system. On the premise of meeting safety, easy handling and less maintenance, it can also significantly save labor costs. Mainly includes vertical pole and crossbar components.


In addition to the ring-locking scaffolding modular system, the following scaffolding systems are widely used around the world:



2. 6 Advantages Of Ringlock Scaffolding


Versatile flexibility

  • Due to its special mechanism, the ring scaffolding system is able to adapt to rectangular, circular, angular and circumferential irregular buildings.


Quick assembly and disassembly

  • When assembling, you only need to fix the wedge pin in the hole of the vertical pole. When disassembling, knock the wedge pin loose with a hammer and then remove the crossbar.


Save labor costs

  • Compared with traditional scaffolding systems, ring-locking scaffolding can save more than 50% of assembly labor costs.


High load capacity

  • The ring scaffolding system is made of Q345 high-strength steel


Long lasting

  • The surface of the ring scaffolding components is protected by a galvanized layer, which can have a service life of 10-20 years.


Easy to store and transport

  • Ring scaffolding has independent components and is stacked in racks and pallets, eliminating the need for large warehouses and transportation tools.



3. Ringlock Scaffolding Set




4. Installation Steps Of Ringlock Scaffolding


  1. First install the adjustable jack base, then adjust to the same level position
  2. Install the ring lock standard upright on the base
  3. Place all crossbars on the first layer of ring lock standards
  4. Then place the second layer of crossbars
  5. Place ladders and steps
  6. Assume more layers of columns and crossbars


5. Load Bearing Of Ringlock Scaffolding

  • According to standards in AS/NZS 1576.1


A. Light Duty

For the light ring lock structure, the total load is 2.2kn, totaling 225kg

B. Medium Duty

For the medium-sized ring lock structure, the total load is 4.4kn, totaling 450kg

C. Heavy Duty

For the heavy-duty ring lock structure, the total load is 6.6kn, totaling 675kg



6. Aluminum Ringlock Scaffolding VS Steel Ringlock Scaffolding


Steel ringlock scaffold

  • Has stronger bearing capacity than aluminum ringlock scaffolding
  • The material cost of steel ring lock is much lower than that of aluminum ring lock


Aluminum ring lock scaffolding

  • Aluminum is lighter and of the same size, aluminum ring lock scaffolding is 3 times lighter than steel ring lock scaffolding
  • Aluminum ring lock scaffolding will not rust, so it has a longer service life than steel ring lock scaffolding



7. Import Ringlock Scaffolding From China - AJ Building


Why Choose Our Ring Lock Scaffolding



  • AJ building is a high-quality ring-locking scaffolding supplier certified by SGS, CE, etc.
  • We regularly conduct quality inspections of ring-locked scaffolding. Including raw material to welding penetration testing, finished product load testing, zinc thickness testing, etc.
  • Provide test reports for every order.


Wholesale prices

  • AJ Building is a large-scale scaffolding factory in China. It uses fully automatic welding machines and large-scale production to ensure product quality and reduce production costs.


OEM customization

  • We can provide customized solutions based on your building


Our experience

  • AJ Building has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing, supplying and exporting ring scaffolding and has exported to more than 160 countries.


One-stop purchasing

  • AJ building provides you with one-stop purchasing services for building materials


Scaffolding System


Scaffolding Accessories


Template (Formwork)System



8. Storage of ringlock scaffolding

  • Clean and inspect thoroughly.
  • Sort, label, and organize components.
  • Stack vertical standards securely.
  • Store horizontal components orderly.
  • Protect from the weather with covers.
  • Secure storage area against theft.
  • Perform regular maintenance checks.



Q: How does Ringlock scaffolding compare to other types of scaffolding systems, like cuplock or frame scaffolding?

- Ringlock scaffolding is known for its rapid assembly and adaptability to various structures, making it a popular choice for many projects. Cuplock scaffolding is quick to install but may not be as versatile, while frame scaffolding is sturdy but less adaptable.


Q: Can Ringlock scaffolding be used for shoring applications?

- Yes, Ringlock scaffolding can be used for shoring and reshoring applications when paired with appropriate components like shoring heads and shoring posts.


Q: Are there any specific safety guidelines I should follow when using Ringlock scaffolding?

- Yes, always follow safety guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Ensure that scaffolding is erected by trained personnel, use personal protective equipment (PPE), and conduct regular inspections to maintain safety.

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