How are steel pipes processed into scaffolding products? Its fabrication generally goes through the following steps.

  • A. Cutting: Steel pipes produced from steel coils, which are generally 6m in length, need to be cut to the required length using a cutting machine.If you have special requirements for the length of the steel pipe, we can also customize the product of you!
  • B. Welding: There are two types of welding: manual welding and machine welding. Why do we use machine welding? Machine welding not only has high welded efficiency, but also can guarantee the quality of scaffolding products. We have 3 automatics welding machines, 10 welding machines, 10 welding professionals, and a daily capacity of 50 tons. And we ensure that there are no porosity, cracks, residue, etc. on the welded surface to guarantee the quality of products. If you have a demand for 2000-3000 steel braces and require fast delivery, we can give you fast delivery within 7 days!

  • C. Sanding: Sanding not only removes the sticky sand from the surface of the casting, but also improves the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface and increases the fatigue resistance of the workpiece. This step is essential to get good surface treatment effect and good quality of the product.
  • D. Powder coating/galvanizing: The powder coating process, also known as powder coating, can be roughly divided into three phases, namely pre-treatment, spraying and baking, and curing. The coating thickness is 100 to 300 μm and the surface coating will not fade, change colour or crack within 5 to 10 years. One of our powder coating equipment can produce 10-20 tons of products per day to ensure production efficiency. Maybe you have doubts, the finished product is only blue? No,we can customize the color for you, whether it is pink, red or other colors.

    Galvanizing is mainly divided into hot-dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing, and the production process mainly includes: original product preparation → pre-plating treatment → hot-dip galvanizing → post-plating treatment → finished product inspection. Galvanized products have very stable plating durability and generally do not need to be repaired to twenty years.

Galvanized scaffolding is the best seller in the market, you want to get the best price? Then you must contact us, we can also provide you with free samples!

    After the above process, we can get the scaffolding products we need. Including but not limited to: concrete ringlock scaffolding, quicklock scaffolding, steel prop, kwikstage scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, door frame scaffolding, ladder frame scaffolding.

    Are you looking for different building products and looking around for suppliers? Come contact us, we can customize your products as well as provide you with one-stop building material product!

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