Work Hard, Play Hard

Jul 13, 2023

    Climb to the peak, climb beyond the limit, we, on July 12, set off with passion!

    A unique outdoor mountaineering team building swept across. We not only climb mountains, but also climb the pinnacle of team cohesion. Cross mountains and rivers, get close to nature, embrace challenges and release passion. This is a feat not only about climbing, but also about growing together.


    Practical and caring, all departments exchanged and interacted with each other during the climb, forging a closer bond of cooperation. Every step is to move forward hand in hand, and every moment is a spark of communication, so that the understanding and tacit understanding between the teams can be sublimated on the rugged mountain trail.

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    The fun of team building lies in the details. A small game that turns laughter into the most moving symphony. Event dinner is a feast for the taste buds, but also an emotional resonance. In the laughter, we felt the power of unity and deeply experienced the blending of diverse cultures, like a delicious delicacy, closely linking us together.


    The company's slogan "Work Hard, Play Hard!" is not just a slogan, but also our declaration of action. In this outdoor mountaineering team building, we not only climbed every peak seriously, but also met every challenge with a happy attitude. Because we know that a better tomorrow can only be created by striking a balance between devotion to work and joy in life.

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