Reusable Construction Wall Panel Hollow Pp Plastic Formwork

As a leading formwork supplier in China, our factory is committed to providing high-quality PP hollow formwork with ex-factory prices. 

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    As a formwork supplier with more than 20 years of export experience, the hollow formwork we provide has excellent durability and service life and can be reused more than 60 times. It can greatly save your construction costs, and because the plastic formwork is very light, it can greatly improve the efficiency of workers' construction.



PP hollow formwork is significantly lighter than plywood formwork


Highest Durability

PP hollow formwork is made of polypropylene plastic, which has excellent durability


Standard Hollow Plastic Formwork

AJ Building provides two commonly used standard sizes of hollow plastic formwork, which are 2400*1220mm and 1830*915mm. Because plastic templates can be cut, you can cut and use them as needed. If you have special requirements, please let us know.

In order to ensure the quality of our hollow formwork, we carry out very strict tests on each batch of products:



Length(mm): 2400 / 1830

Width(mm): 1220 / 915

Thickness(mm): 12/15/18

hollow plastic formwork



Toughness test when the formwork is bent: Use a forklift to crush the formwork that is not in the same plane (one side is grounded, one side is placed obliquely), and the formwork is intact without damage after rebound.



Use a small round head hammer to slam the smooth surface of the plastic building formwork and observe the surface depression. Good quality building templates will have depressions, but there will be no cracks.

pp hollow formwork

pp hollow plastic formwork



Put the two formwork side by side on the wooden board to record the gap distance between the two nights, the difference is not more than 3mm-5mm compared with the previously measured data.



Nail at a distance of 5mm from the edge of the plate. If there is no crack, this indicates that the quality of the plate is good; after the nail is nailed, observing whether the bonding state of the nail and the formwork is saturated and tight.

plastic formwork shuttering


Advantages Of Hollow Formwork

      Plastic PP hollow formwork presents several advantages in the construction industry. Its lightweight design simplifies handling and installation, saving labor and time during construction. Being reusable and durable, it offers cost-efficiency across multiple projects. As an eco-friendly option made from recyclable polypropylene, it reduces construction waste. Additionally, it's moisture-resistant, ensuring easy formwork removal and consistent curing, while also being cost-effective due to reduced labor and material expenses. 

  • Lightweight: Plastic formwork is significantly lighter than traditional formwork materials such as wood or steel. This makes it easier to transport, handle, and set up on the construction site.
  • Reusable: These templates are designed for multiple uses, reducing the need for frequent replacements and saving on material costs.
  • Safety: Plastic formwork is easy to handle, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries during installation and removal.
  • Smooth Surface Finish: They are engineered to create smooth concrete surfaces, ensuring a polished and aesthetically pleasing final result.
  • Non-Stick: Concrete doesn't adhere to plastic formwork, making it easier and faster to remove once the concrete has set, improving overall efficiency.


Customized Services For PP Hollow Formwork

      As a manufacturer of pp hollow formwork, we can customize it for you to meet different building needs: 

  • Size: Plastic formwork can be customized to match the desired dimensions and shape of the concrete structure being built. This includes variations in length, width, and height.
  • Pattern and Texture: Some plastic formwork systems can create specific surface patterns or textures on the finished concrete, enhancing the aesthetics of the structure.
  • Color: While not always essential for functionality, the color of plastic formwork can be customized for branding or aesthetic purposes.
  • Accessory Compatibility: Plastic formwork can be designed to accommodate various construction accessories and hardware, such as connectors or brackets, for easy assembly and enhanced functionality.



Hollow Formwork Project Experience

      AJ Building has over 20 years of experience working on projects ranging from residential, commercial buildings, industrial and more. Hollow formwork are generally used for the following purposes:


Floor And Slabs

Floors and slabs are the most used, creating a smooth surface.




Hollow formwork is also used to create walls and can be fixed well by one worker.




Hollow formwork with adjustable formwork clips to create columns, also a good choice



Hollow formwork is also used in the manufacture of tunnels, and it is worth noting that if you are building a large tunnel, you need to focus on the load-bearing capacity of the formwork. Steel formwork is a good choice for making tunnels.



Package Of PP Formwork

      PP shuttering hollow formwork is typically packaged in bundles or stacks, depending on the manufacturer's specifications and the quantity ordered. Each formwork sheet is often separated and protected by packaging materials such as plastic film, cardboard, or straps to prevent scratches, dents, or damage during transportation and storage. The packaging ensures that the formwork arrives at the construction site in optimal condition, ready for use without any compromise in quality.

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   About US


     As a direct supplier of hollow plastic formwork, AJ Building is committed to providing high-quality products and excellent services that meet your specific needs.

    As a factory direct supplier, we are able to offer competitive prices and significantly shorten lead times. Rest assured that we consistently deliver quality products that meet or exceed industry standards.

    Utilizing our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we efficiently produce hollow plastic formwork in high volumes while maintaining strict quality control protocols. Our use of responsibly sourced green materials in our production demonstrates our unwavering commitment to sustainable development.



Q1: Is hollow plastic formwork suitable for all types of concrete structures?

A1: Hollow plastic formwork is versatile and can be used for a wide range of concrete structures, including residential buildings, commercial properties, infrastructure projects, and architectural designs.


Q2: How many times can hollow plastic formwork be reused?

A2: The number of reuses depends on the quality of the formwork and how it is handled on the construction site. High-quality plastic formwork can typically be reused for multiple projects.


Q3: Is hollow plastic formwork cost-effective compared to traditional formwork materials?

A3: Yes, hollow plastic formwork is cost-effective due to its reusability, ease of handling, and reduced labor costs associated with assembly and disassembly.


Q4: What are the maintenance requirements for hollow plastic formwork?

A4: Hollow plastic formwork is relatively low-maintenance. Cleaning after use and proper storage to prevent damage are the main maintenance tasks.


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