Adjustable Heavy Duty Spanish Type Steel Shoring Props

Adjustable construction steel supports are designed to support a range of formwork and false mold applications.

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    HDG,zinc-plated,powder spraying,etc.
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      The metal telescopic shoring prop serves as a temporary vertical support in construction, composed of steel structures to maintain concrete form or back pre-cast units. It offers reusability, high load-bearing capacity, precise leveling, secure mounting, and exceptional durability. Its applications span construction, alteration, demolition, and maintenance projects.

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    The adjustable steel shoring prop boasts substantial load-bearing capacity and is tailored for supporting horizontal formwork elements. Equipped with an adjustable thread and slot hole, it ensures easy installation, dismantling, and leveling adjustments, promoting swift scaffolding construction. The galvanized finish safeguards it against rust.

Standard Size:


Inner Tube Dia: 40mm
Outer Tube Dia: 48mm
Tube Thickness: 1.6mm/1.8mm/2.0mm/2.2mm
Adjustable Length: 1600-2900mm / 2000-3600mm / 1800-3200mm / 2200-4000mm



Adjustable Height: Spanish props offer easily adjustable height settings for versatile use in different construction scenarios.

High Load-Bearing Capacity: These props are made from strong steel, capable of supporting heavy loads like concrete slabs and formwork.

Stability and Safety: Their sturdy construction and secure locking ensure stability and safety on construction sites.

Durability: Coated with protective finishes, these props resist corrosion and stand up to tough environments.

Cost-Effective: Reusability and a long lifespan make them a cost-efficient choice for multiple projects.

Versatility: Suitable for various tasks, from supporting slabs to formwork systems.




Load Capacity: Depending on the weight of the loads you'll be supporting, we can customize the load-bearing capacity of the supports.

Surface Finish: You can choose the surface finish that suits your preferences, whether it's galvanized, painted, or powder-coated for enhanced durability and corrosion resistance.

Adjustment Mechanism: We offer various adjustment mechanisms, such as threaded or pin-and-hole systems, tailored to your ease of use.

Labeling and Branding: Customize your steel supports with your company's logo or identification for easy recognition.

Color Options: Opt for specific colors that match your company's branding or enhance visibility on the construction site.

Packaging: Choose options that streamline transportation and storage based on your logistical requirements.

Quantity and Sets: Select the number of steel supports needed for your project and whether they come as standalone units or in sets.


Usage Scenarios:

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AJ Building, your dedicated partner in construction solutions, offering customized Spanish-type steel supports. These supports are designed for robustness, adjustability, and versatility, catering to a range of project needs. With advantages like durability, load-bearing capacity, corrosion resistance, and easy assembly, they can be tailored to specific requirements. These supports find application in diverse construction projects, making them an ideal choice for stable and secure structures. Choose [Your Company Name] for quality and innovation in construction equipment




What safety precautions should be taken when using Spanish-type steel Shoring Props?

  • Ensure the props are on stable and level ground.
  • Use appropriate locking pins or collars to secure the adjusted height.
  • Do not exceed the maximum load capacity specified for the props.


Can Spanish Type Steel Shoring Props be reused?

  • Yes, they are designed for multiple uses, making them a cost-effective solution for construction projects.


What maintenance is required for Spanish-type steel Shoring Props?

  • Regularly inspect the props for any damage, deformation, or corrosion.
  • Keep them clean and well-lubricated for smooth adjustment.
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