Choosing the Right Concrete Formwork Materials: Key Considerations

Dec 23, 2023

      Concrete formwork is an important engineering material in construction, providing the framework for poured and formed concrete structures. Because the formwork material directly affects the quality, appearance and strength of the concrete structure. So understanding the different Concrete formwork materials plays a vital role in ensuring the durability, efficiency and structural integrity of your construction project. Appropriate materials can achieve twice the result with half the effort to achieve the expected construction results.

      AJ Building provides formwork products of different materials. Today we will introduce you to wood formwork, steel formwork, aluminum formwork and plastic formwork. You can choose different formwork materials according to your different construction project needs.


1.Wood Plywood Formwork

      Timber formwork is the longest-standing product in our construction projects. Timber formwork can be made from different woods, such as birch, maple, walnut, eucalyptus, beech, basswood formwork, etc.

      Because wooden formwork is made of many materials, it can be used indoors and outdoors. For special places, wooden formwork can also be made waterproof and fireproof. In addition, the wooden templates can be cut and combined freely. Wood formwork remains a popular choice for construction projects precisely because of its versatility and ease of use.

      AJ BUilding can customize the material, size, color, logo, etc. of wooden templates according to your needs. Please contact us for more information on wood formwork, click here to act now!

      However, the shortcomings of formwork boards are also obvious, such as being susceptible to moisture and short service life.

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2.Steel Formwork

      Compared with other materials, reusable steel formwork has better strength, durability and service life, especially compared with wooden formwork. Steel formwork is generally made of Q235 grade steel and is made through processes such as sand removal, welding, grinding, drilling, and surface treatment. In addition to being used in general construction projects, steel formwork can also be used in large and special construction projects such as bridges and tunnels. This cannot be replaced by wooden formwork.

      Compared with wooden formwork, steel formwork is more cost-effective! According to your different budgets, AJ building provides steel formwork of different steel grades, such as Q235, Q195, etc. Using different surface treatments, such as paint, powder coating, we can customize the color of the steel formwork for you. In addition to having a longer service life, the steel formwork can also be recycled after the service life of the steel formwork is over, which also saves your material costs to a certain extent.

      If your project requires steel formwork, please click to purchase!

      However, due to the material characteristics of steel formwork, steel formwork is much heavier than wooden formwork, making it challenging to transport and handle.

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3.Aluminum formwork

      One of the most advantageous features of aluminum formwork is that it is light. Aluminum formwork is a good choice for projects that emphasize ease of operation and need to shorten construction time, and aluminum formwork is resistant to corrosion. But relatively aluminum formwork is also expensive and not suitable for most construction projects.


4. Plastic template

      Plastic formwork is made of recyclable materials. Compared with wooden formwork and steel formwork, light weight plastic formwork is lighter in weight, more durable and corrosion-resistant than wooden formwork. Plastic formwork is a popular choice in construction projects these days.

      AJ Building offers two different types of plastic formwork:


1. Adjustable plastic formwork. This plastic formwork is available in two types: flat and semicircular. It can be used to make walls, columns, floors, etc.


2. Hollow plastic formwork, this kind of formwork is mainly used to make floors, slabs, etc. And you can cut its size freely.


5. What services can AJ Building provide you?

      From 1999 to now, for 24 years, we have been committed to solving the problems of formwork building materials for customers. Our team has rich experience in different construction projects and built environments and can solve the different needs of different customers. And we also provide accessories with different template materials to provide exclusive customized solutions. If you have architectural drawings that you can provide to us, our specialists can also calculate the usage of different building products based on your drawings and your needs, and provide one-stop building materials supply services.

      No matter what questions you have, please contact us and we will solve your problems!


In conclusion

      Choosing the right formwork material is critical to a successful construction project. Each material has its advantages and limitations, and understanding their properties and limitations can help builders and contractors choose the most appropriate formwork for their specific needs.

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