Construction Scaffolding Parts Galvanized Steel Plank

The primary purpose of the galvanized steel plank is to offer platforms for the workers.

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    Construction steel scaffolding board is the main element of scaffolding system which is comfortable for workers to walk on the high building.Punched holes are on the scaffolding board to prevent slipping for workers.Galvanized surface makes the scaffolding board stronger in wet environment.

    Different sizes of scaffolding walk boards could be adapted.


Standard Size


Length(mm) Width(mm) High(mm)
1000 240 45 1.5
2000 240 45 1.5
3000 240 45 1.5
4000 240 45 1.5


These are regular styles and specifications. Of course, we also provide customized services, which can be customized according to your requirements, including product craftsmanship, color, size, thickness, etc.




Steel planks without hooks are commonly used as part of scaffolding systems in construction. These planks provide a strong and stable platform for workers to perform tasks at elevated heights. Here's how steel board planks without hooks are utilized in construction scaffolding:

  • Stable Working Surface: Steel planks offer a sturdy and secure surface for construction workers to stand, walk, and work on. They provide a reliable platform for tasks such as painting, welding, masonry work, and more.
  • Load Bearing: Steel planks are designed to support the weight of workers, tools, materials, and equipment. This load-bearing capability is essential for ensuring the safety of workers on scaffolding.

  • Durability: Steel is a robust material that can withstand heavy use and exposure to various weather conditions. This durability is crucial in construction environments where equipment undergoes significant wear and tear.

  • Longevity: Steel planks have a longer lifespan compared to some other materials. This reduces the need for frequent replacement, leading to cost savings over time.

  • Versatility: Steel planks can be used in various types of scaffolding configurations, including supported scaffolds, suspended scaffolds, rolling scaffolds, and more.

  • Safety: When properly installed and secured, steel planks provide a safe working platform, reducing the risk of accidents and falls for construction workers.

  • Compatibility: Steel planks can be easily integrated into existing scaffolding systems, making them compatible with other scaffolding components.

  • Regulations Compliance: The use of appropriate steel planks in scaffolding helps construction companies adhere to safety regulations and standards, ensuring the well-being of workers and legal compliance.

  • Easy Maintenance: Steel planks are relatively easy to maintain and clean, further contributing to their suitability for construction environments.

Punching without hook steel planks can indeed be used in certain types of scaffolding systems in construction. These planks have holes or perforations in them (referred to as "punching") which serve multiple purposes. These types of planks are often used in tube and coupler scaffolding systems, where the holes allow for connecting the planks to the scaffolding structure using couplers or clamps.






About Us

At AJ Building, we proudly offer the backbone of your construction projects – steel scaffolding planks that redefine durability and safety. Engineered with precision and crafted to perfection, our planks provide a steadfast platform for your team to build dreams upon. From towering structures to intricate renovations, our steel scaffolding planks embody reliability that surpasses expectations. Backed by years of expertise and an unwavering commitment to quality, we empower your projects to reach new heights.

Elevate your construction endeavors today – choose AJ Building for steel scaffolding planks that exemplify endurance, safety, and the art of building greatness.



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