Construction 6 8 Inch Scaffolding Caster Cast Iron Rubber Wheel

Our construction material scaffolding caster wheel is used at the bottom of the vertical scaffolding tube, which makes the scaffolding system a mobile platform.

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    HDG,zinc-plated,powder spraying,etc.
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    7-40 days

      Construction steel scaffolding casters allow scaffolding structures to be rolled or swiveled to different locations, enhancing efficiency in construction projects. Scaffolding casters are typically equipped with locks or brakes to secure the scaffolding in place when needed for work. They are an essential component in many construction and maintenance projects where temporary access is required at various locations.


High-hardness Bracket


It has good corrosion prevention performance and high load capacity.

Wrapping Design


It ensures steel balls' smooth rotation by preventing dust from coming in.

Labor-saving Brake


It is easy to pull the brake, which has excellent braking effect. 

Good-quality Bearings


They extend casters'service life and make casters run quietly.

Cast Iron+Rubber


Adopting high-quality materials, casters are wear-resistant, durable, and do no harm to the floor.




Length:490mm Diameter:150mm  Width:40mm

Length:490mm Diameter:200mm  Width:40mm

Length:290mm Diameter:200mm  Width:40mm

Length:290mm Diameter:150mm  Width:40mm

Length:490mm Diameter:150mm  Width:40mm




  • Mobility: Scaffolding with casters is easily movable, allowing workers to reposition it quickly without disassembling and reassembling the structure. This mobility increases work efficiency.
  • Time-Saving: Casters save time by eliminating the need to dismantle and rebuild scaffolding in different locations. This is particularly useful for projects that require frequent position changes.
  • Flexibility: Scaffolding casters provide flexibility in reaching different areas of a project site without the constraints of a fixed scaffold setup.



  1. Size and Load Capacity: Casters come in various sizes and weight capacities. Customization allows you to select the right size and load capacity based on the specific scaffolding system and the weight it needs to support.
  2. Wheel Type: Different wheel materials and types are available. Depending on the project's requirements, you can choose from rubber, polyurethane, or other wheel materials, and swivel or rigid wheel types.
  3. Locking Mechanism: Casters often come with locking mechanisms to secure the scaffolding in place during work. Customization may involve selecting the type of locking mechanism that best suits the project's safety and stability needs.
  4. Finish: Casters can be coated or finished to enhance durability and corrosion resistance. Customization may involve selecting the appropriate finish based on the project's environmental conditions.



     About US


      At AJ Building, we take pride in being a leading provider of top-quality scaffolding casters. Our focus revolves around enhancing the mobility and functionality of scaffolding systems. With our team of dedicated professionals and a strong commitment to quality, we offer a comprehensive range of casters that meet the most stringent standards for performance and durability. We prioritize customization, safety, and reliability, making us the preferred choice for scaffolding mobility solutions in the construction industry.




Q: Can casters be added to any scaffolding system?

A: In many cases, casters can be added to scaffolding systems. However, compatibility and weight capacity should be considered. Some scaffolding systems are designed to work with specific caster types, so it's essential to choose the right casters for your scaffolding.


Q: How do I choose the right casters for my scaffolding?

A: The choice of casters depends on factors such as the scaffolding system's weight, height, and intended use. Consider the load capacity, wheel type, locking mechanism, and any specific project requirements when selecting casters. Consult the caster manufacturer or supplier for guidance.

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