4-Way Head H20 for Holding Beams in Formwork Systems

4-way U-Head assembly is positioned atop the steel prop, designed specifically for securely accommodating H20 timber beams. It is a specialized component used in prop system to support formwork for concrete construction, which designed to connect H20 formwork beams at right angles, creating a stable junction point. This connector facilitates the assembly of formwork structures that support wet concrete during pouring and curing. The 4-way head H20 typically has openings on all four sides to accommodate the formwork beams securely.

  • Surface-Treatment :

    HDG,zinc-plated,powder spraying,etc.
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  • Lead Time :

    7-40 days
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    Unlock Precision and Efficiency in Concrete Construction with our 4-Way Head H20!


    Positioned at the upper end of the support prop, the steel four-way forkhead assembly is thoughtfully engineered with a specific purpose: to provide robust and secure housing for H20 timber beams. This ingenious design ensures that the timber beams fit snugly and reliably, contributing to the stability and effectiveness of the entire slab formwork structure



    Standard Specifications:

    Size:  200mm in height and 80mm in width and 230mm in length

    Weight: 3.7~4kg

    Material: Crafted from high-quality steel materials.




    • Enhanced Precision: Achieve accurate angles and dimensions in your formwork structures, resulting in impeccable concrete shapes that adhere to your project specifications.


    • Time Savings: The 4-Way Head H20's user-friendly design expedites the assembly process, allowing you to optimize your construction timeline without sacrificing quality.


    • Stability Matters: Ensure the safety and reliability of your formwork systems with a connector that prioritizes stability, even in complex configurations.



    Simple guide to use:

    Attach the 4-way head H20 to the ends of H20 formwork beams.

    Slide the formwork beams into the openings on all four sides of the connector.

    Ensure a snug fit to create a stable connection.

    Use additional formwork components, such as vertical posts and cross-braces, to complete the formwork structure.




    Our commitment to providing tailored solutions empowers you to optimize your formwork systems according to your specific requirements. Here's how you can customize the 4-Way Head H20 to suit your project needs:

    Size and Compatibility:

    While the 4-Way Head H20 is typically designed to fit standard H20 formwork beams, AJ Building can offer customization to accommodate different beam sizes or profiles. This flexibility allows the connector to be used with various types of formwork systems, adapting to project-specific requirements.


    The choice of material can be customized is important to align with the environmental conditions and load-bearing needs of the project. We offer different types of steel or other high-strength materials can be used to enhance durability and load-carrying capacity.

    Surface Finish:


    Custom surface treatments such as coatings, galvanization, or corrosion-resistant finishes can be applied to protect the 4-Way Head H20 from rust and environmental elements, extending its lifespan.

    Attachment Mechanism:

    The method of attaching the 4-Way Head H20 to the formwork beams can be tailored. We can provide options for different types of locking mechanisms, allowing for quick and secure connections.

    Color Coding:


    For improved organization and ease of assembly, manufacturers can offer color-coded options for the 4-Way Head H20. Different colors could correspond to different beam sizes or specific uses, streamlining the construction process.

    Logo or Branding:

    AJ Building offer the option to include your company logos or branding on the product. This not only adds a professional touch but also helps with identification and branding on the construction site.


    Efficient Packaging:

    Opt for customized packaging solutions that match your project scale. Whether you need bulk quantities or specialized kits, we ensure you have the right quantity of connectors for each phase of construction.


    AJ Building- one of the 4-way head H20 manufacturer in China. Count with AJ Building for personalized technical support about your construction project. Our experts offer guidance on usage best practices, assembly instructions, and compatibility recommendations tailored to your specific formwork and scaffold systems.


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