• Efficient Steel Props In Construction: Time-saving and Cost-effective Efficient Steel Props In Construction: Time-saving and Cost-effective Dec 15, 2023
          Steel props play an important role in engineering projects. Their main function is to serve as temporary support, such as supporting floor slabs and wall panels. They are welded with high-quality steel, such as Q235, and Q345 steel. AJ Building provides OEM construction steel props of different steel grades and can customize the size, logo, thickness, etc. for you.   What are the common types of steel props?   1. Acrow Props This type of adjustable steel acrow prop is the most common style in the construction industry and has an adjustable height from 1600mm to 5000mm. In the industry, it is mainly used in the vertical support of buildings, such as supporting floor slabs to prevent collapse. You can get to know them through the pictures below. If you are interested in this product, please contact us! Different Styles Galvanized Steel Prop Powder-coated steel prop Steel Prop System   2. Push-Pull Props Push-pull steel props are widely recognized because of their push-pull mechanism. Unlike vertical support steel props, push-pull steel props are used for inclined supports in buildings. Such as the support of the formwork until the concrete sets. You can recognize them through the pictures below.   3. Titan Props Titan steel props are "stronger" than ordinary steel props, with greater strength and load-bearing capacity. Usually suitable for heavy buildings that require a lot of support. Here are some pictures of them:   Advantages Steel prop scan Offer You   1. Sustainable development Because the steel props are made of high-quality steel, no harmful gases that have an impact on the environment are produced during the production process. Steel props generally have a service life of 5 to 10 years and can be reused on projects. At the end of their life cycle, steel props can also be recycled and reused.   2. Save your costs Due to the reusability of steel props, your usage costs are reduced. You can also lease the steel struts to other builders after completing the project.   How should steel props be installed?         AJ building provides complete guidance on steel prop installation, you can view our installation video to learn the installation process. If you have any questions please get in touch with us and we will help you.   What you need to pay attention to when using steel prop   1. Clearly understand your project Although steel props are widely used and have good strength. But when using them, we need to take into account the size and height of the entire building. If few steel props are used and they are widely spaced, they will not be able to bear enough weight and will bend. AJ Building can accurately calculate the number of steel props required based on the size and height of your building, and ensure that the steel props are optimally load-bearing.   2. Regular inspection You need to regularly inspect steel props, especially used ones. Careful inspection is required before use to eliminate rusty, bent steel props and eliminate safety hazards.   Summarize       Steel props offer numerous advantages and are an indispensable product for your construction project. AJ Building has been involved in the construction industry for more than 24 years and has rich project experience. Our professional team has served tens of thousands of customers and has won their trust. Choose AJ Building as your steel support supplier!  Contact Us

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