Factory Price Construction Mesh Scaffolding Safety Net

Construction scaffolding safety nets are commonly used on construction sites to prevent tools, materials or debris from falling and injuring workers or bystanders.

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    HDG,zinc-plated,powder spraying,etc.
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      Construction mesh safety netting is a type of safety protection equipment that is commonly used on construction sites. Its main function is to prevent falling objects from high up on a construction site from injuring workers and those around them. Safety nets, usually made of high-strength materials, are placed across building openings or cliff edges to block and catch falling tools, materials or debris to minimise accidental injuries and protect workers.

High density mesh surface

uniform and fine mesh

good protection performance

Tightly woven by machinery

reasonable structure

uniform mesh

Corded side grommets with eyelets, 

mesh buttons and multi-layer welt design



Advantages Of Scaffolding Net:

Green safety mesh netting can be used not only on construction sites, but also in bridge construction, stadiums and large events. In addition to securing construction sites, it has the following advantages:

  • Reduce the risk of accidents: reduce the incidence of accidents on construction sites and protect the lives of construction workers.
  • Strength and durability: made of high-strength materials with good durability and load-bearing capacity.
  • Convenient installation: the safety net is easy to install and remove, providing convenient construction operations.
  • Tidy construction site: Effectively collects debris and waste materials that may be generated during the construction process, keeping the construction site environment tidy.
  • Environmentally friendly: Made from environmentally friendly materials, reducing the negative impact on the environment.
  • Affordability: Provides a relatively economical safety solution, saving construction costs and human resources.



Customizable For Scaffolding Mesh Netting:

Construction safety scaffold nets can be customised according to requirements, customisable elements include:

  • Sizes and specifications: customise the safety netting in different sizes and specifications according to the needs of the site.
  • Material and durability: choose meshes made of different materials such as polypropylene and polyester fibre to improve durability and adapt to different working environments.
  • Colour and Logo: Customised mesh in different colours(like green, black, blue, white safety nets), and site logo or company logo etc. can also be printed on the safety net.
  • Installation and fixing method: The fixing method of the safety netting can be customised according to the needs to ensure firm installation and adapt to the site environment.


Application Of Scaffolding Safety Net:

  • Construction sites: used as a safety guard in the construction of high-rise buildings, residential developments, commercial buildings and industrial projects.
  • Bridges and tunnels: as protection during bridge and tunnel construction to ensure the safety of workers and pedestrians.
  • Maintenance and restoration works: to provide safety protection for workers during building maintenance, renovation and restoration.
  • Stage construction: to erect safety guards at concerts, events and performances.
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Package Of Scaffolding Safety Net:

Safety nets are usually packaged according to the type, size and batch of the safety net to ensure that the product remains intact during transport and storage


  • Roll packing: safety nets are rolled on a spool for easy storage and transport. This is suitable for larger safety nets or for sites where they need to be laid quickly.
  • Sheet Packing: Smaller or specific sizes of safety nets may be packaged in a flat or folded form for ease of portability and installation.
  • Protective packaging: Some suppliers will add additional protective material such as plastic film or foam around the safety net to protect the surface from damage and contamination.
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     About Us

      At AJ Building Safety Nets, we pride ourselves on being a leading provider of high-quality safety net solutions for a wide range of industries. With years of experience and a commitment to excellence, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and distributing top-tier safety nets tailored to meet various safety needs across construction, industrial, and commercial sectors.



How do safety nets work?

  • Safety nets are installed below elevated work areas and are capable of absorbing the energy of a falling object or person. They cushion the impact and prevent the object or individual from hitting the ground, minimizing the risk of injury.


How are safety nets installed?

  • Safety nets are typically installed by qualified personnel who secure them below the working area, ensuring they are correctly tensioned and positioned to effectively catch falling objects or individuals.


What are the different types of safety nets available?

  • There are various types of safety nets, including debris nets, personnel safety nets, and catch nets, each designed for specific purposes and load capacities.


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